Examples of Successful Custom Projects:



Download our custom projects checklist here to get started working with us: Custom Checklist 

BSC Enclosures is your one stop enclosure supplier:

If our standard products don't suit your needs, we offer embellishments to customize them, and if that still doesn't suit your needs we offer full custom solutions. 

How custom works:

Maybe you already have a concept, we can take it and turn it into a producible assembly. 

Our Engineers will:

  • Design for manufacturability
  • Value engineer
  • Make functional and aesthetic recommendations
  • Create an easy to install and service solution

If you don't already have a solutions, don't worry. We have industrial designers in house to listen to your needs. 

Our designers will:

  • Discover project requirements: Displays and orientation, additional components, end use and environment
  • Develop concepts for you and or your client to approve
  • Provide renderings and shop drawings for final review


Equipment we have to create your perfect solution:

Our facility houses some of the most state of the art equipment as well as the best fabricators and welders in the industry.

Some of our equipment includes: 6’x12’ Fiber Laser that can cut up to ½” Stainless Steel, a Robotic Welding Cell ( Think car manufacturing ), Multiple CNC press brakes: Including one with a
14’ capacity to bend any job, even our chop saws are cnc controlled which ensures every part is
accurate and efficiently produced.


Fabrication Gallery: