Solutions are only as good as the problems they solve.

At BSC Enclosures, we exist to display your digital communications. Whether that means a simple enclosure that blends with the environment, or a fully custom kiosk designed to stand out, BSC has the experience and the knowledge for your display needs.

We can provide anything from these basic products to a fully custom solution. Either way, you’ll get our decades of sign and display experience working with your team from idea to displayed content.


Make a basic enclosure yours with the BSC Baseline models. All models are paint-finished and compatible with all monitors, including touch screens. Embellish it with add-ons such as your logo, or other brand identity.

Baseline Accessories


Availability includes:   Metal Laminates on the face, Protective borders with optional graphics, Multiple paint color options, Accent bars


We use our BaseLine enclosures and apply it with real wood, offered in three options. Wood samples are available upon request.


ADA Compliant Braille and Identification can be added to most enclosures



We know our monitors. We offer up to 4K in all brands including LG, Samsung, NEC and Phillips. Have something else? No problem. We can provide enclosures for all monitors including economy, midstream, or high-end in all applicable sizes.